• Home Health Care

      Medicare Certified Home Health Care for treatment or recovery after surgery, illness or injury, typically following hospitalization.

      Specialty clinical care programs are available for:
    • Private Duty & Personal Care

      Whether in a private residence or an independent living facility, we can provide everything from round-the-clock highly skilled medical attention to a weekly visit for help with personal care and the activities of daily living.

    • Catastrophic Care

      For those who need continuous care after a life-changing injury or chronic disease, with specialized expertise in caring for spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries.

    • Hospice Care

      As life’s journey nears its end, THE MEDICAL TEAM is dedicated to supporting patients and their loved ones. We are committed to providing care with compassion, skill and respect.

    • Veteran Outreach

      Services adapted to be of greatest assistance in treating and overcoming physical injuries, mental health disorders and disease conditions, enabling veterans to continue their lives in health as well as peace.

    • Senior Communities

      Management and support of senior communities, including healthcare and wellness education programs.

    • Wellness Programs

      Provided to groups at no cost in areas where we have existing locations. Topics include fall prevention, diabetes control, and managing the challenges of aging. Health screenings also offered.

    • Community Programs

      Home and community support programs for low-income elderly and disabled clients provided under contract with state and local assistance programs in each of our locations.

Home Health Care

Depending upon the patient's exact needs, a full range of home health care services can be provided.

  • Skilled Nursing

    THE MEDICAL TEAM's nurses perform a variety of specialized and highly skilled nursing services, coordinate the treatment plan with the other team members, and communicate with the patient's physician and family.

    Services may include:
    • Assessment of condition
    • Dressing changes
    • Wound care
    • Catheter care
    • Injections
    • I.V. Therapy
    • Patient education and pain management
    • Post-surgical care
    Should patients require high-tech services, THE MEDICAL TEAM’s skilled caregivers are trained to provide the following:

    Home Infusion services: Intravenous Therapies (IVIG, Hydration, Antibiotics, Chemotherapy, TPN, Pain Management) and Intravenous Access Management (PICC Line Maintenance; Peripheral, Mid-Line, and Long-Line Insertion; Central Line and Implanted Port Care).

    Specialized high-tech services: Pulse oximeter monitoring, Gastronomy tube care, Tracheotomy care/suctioning, Ventilator care.

    Therapies utilizing state-of-the-art technology: Wound Vacuum Assisted Closure (V.A.C.®) Therapy, CoaguChek® anticoagulation monitoring, Anodyne® Therapy for neuropathy and wound patients.

    Also offered are specialty clinical care programs for Alzheimer’s, Behavioral Health, Cardiac Care, Diabetes, Joint Replacement, and Wound Care.

  • Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapies

    THE MEDICAL TEAM's therapists have experience with rehabilitation in the home and have degrees and credentials within their specialties. A full range of therapies including physical and occupational therapy, as well as speech pathology, are offered. Each therapist focuses on a different aspect of the patient’s rehabilitation.

    Physical Therapy: Upon evaluation, THE MEDICAL TEAM's licensed physical therapists develop a treatment plan, in conjunction with the patient's physician, for patients with various neurological, bone, or muscular disorders.

    Services may include:
    • Exercise programs for strength, endurance, coordination and balance
    • Walking and transfer training
    • Instruction in body mechanics and safety
    • Family or caregiver training to reinforce the benefits of treatment

    Occupational Therapy: Patients needing to regain functional use of their arms and legs and increase their safety and independence in daily activities will benefit from the skills of THE MEDICAL TEAM’s registered occupational therapists.

    Treatment may include:
    • Evaluation of and fitting for adaptive equipment
    • Instruction in energy conservation, work simplification and joint protection
    • Perceptual motor training
    • Intervention for psychiatric disorders
    • Adaptive training for successful completion of daily living activities

    Speech Therapy: Speech therapy may be an integral part of a patient’s rehabilitation. THE MEDICAL TEAM's certified speech pathologists will work to increase a patient’s communication skills and the oral motor-skills required for safe swallowing.

    Treatment will help to improve any of the following:
    • Swallowing
    • Auditory comprehension
    • Oral expression
    • Speech characteristics
    • Written expression
    • Problem solving and memory
  • Medical Social Worker Services

    THE MEDICAL TEAM’s master's level Social Workers will help patients improve or maintain their social, emotional, functional and physical health status. Their role is to work with patients to facilitate services, both within the senior community and in the community at large. Additionally, our staff will strive to enhance coping skills of the family and other caregivers. All of our social workers have strong geriatric and behavioral health experience.

  • Home Health Aide/Homemaker Services

    Patients may require non-medical assistance such as help with personal care and activities of daily living. THE MEDICAL TEAM's Home Health Aides can provide a variety of services including any or all of the following:

    • Personal care (bathing and personal hygiene)
    • Assistance with dressing, toileting, eating, and/or ambulation range-of-motion exercises
    • Medication reminders
    • Meal preparation
    • Laundry and light housekeeping
    • Monitoring vital signs
  • Coordination of Home Medical Equipment Needs

    Should patients require medical equipment, THE MEDICAL TEAM can arrange for items such as hospital beds, oxygen tanks, wheelchairs, lifts or other rehabilitative equipment.

Private Duty & Personal Care

Whether “home” is a private residence or senior community, our caregivers provide exactly the care that’s needed where it’s needed most… in the home. Rely on us whether you need help getting ready for the day or making it through the night, respite care for family caregivers or skilled nursing care to supplement Medicare services. Personal care services are paid for through private funds, Long Term Care insurance or the Veteran Aid & Attendance pension benefit.

  • Personal care, focused on the individual for people convalescing after an illness or injury, who are disabled, or who need assistance because of age or illness. We can provide care from a few hours a week to 24 hours a day.

    Quality care for a higher quality life - A little extra assistance can increase day-to-day safety and prolong independence.

    Turn to our committed caregivers for:
    • Personal care services, such as assistance with bathing, dressing, toileting, ambulation and range-of-motion exercises, medication reminders, and monitoring vital signs.
    • Homemakers offering help with meal preparation, laundry and light housekeeping.
    • The companionship of friendly visits when no hands-on care is needed.
    • Escorting clients to doctor’s appointment or errands.
    • Respite care for when family caretakers are away or need a break.

    Our Private Duty Services exemplify the dependability and high quality that have earned us the respect of the healthcare community.

    Count on:
    • Caregivers who are extensively trained in a professional skills lab, subject to stringent background checks and references, and supervised by nurses.
    • Services and staff carefully matched to each client.
    • Services that meet state licensing regulations and the highest compliance standards.
    • An individualized nurse assessment and written plan of care.

    The plus of skilled nursing care

    Extending beyond Medicare-covered care, our skilled nursing care is ideal for short-term recuperative care, 24 hours a day or hourly. Services can include medication administration, wound care, and specialized care for clients with conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Service Availability

    Louisiana - Metairie
    Louisiana - Houma
    Michigan - Flint
    Michigan - Livonia
    Michigan - Grand Rapids
    Texas - Austin
    Texas - Brownsville/Mercedes
    Texas - Dallas
    Texas - Hebbronville
    Texas - San Antonio/New Braunfels
    Virginia - Reston

Catastrophic Care

This in-home care division responds to the special needs of patients requiring continuous care due to a life-changing injury or chronic disease. Patients may include those with severe or multiple traumas who have suffered brain, spinal cord, pediatric or work-related injuries, post-surgical patients, or others who are chronically disabled. For example, a patient who is now paraplegic due to a spinal cord injury in a car accident and requires 24-hour supervision or a patient suffering from brain and spinal cord degeneration due to ALS (also called Lou Gehrig's disease) or MS. Patients and families will be assisted with recovery, with the goals of maximizing rehabilitative potential and regaining independence in the community.

  • Program Components

    To ensure the best possible outcome, we are involved in the patient's care transition from hospital or rehab facility to home. We assist with discharge planning and the development of a care plan tailored to the patient.

    • Highly specialized rehabilitation nursing (e.g. ventilator and tracheostomoy care)
    • Physical, occupational and speech therapies
    • Personal attendant care/short and long-term
    • Assistance with home modifications and adaptive aids
    • 24-hour coordinated care

    We believe the family plays a central role in the patient's rehabilitation success and our approach fully integrates the family in the process. Regular team conferences are held to ensure communication between all parties. We provide a timely summary of the patient's status and outcomes, and the patient's physician is regularly updated.

  • Program Staff

    We employ a highly specialized group of rehabilitation nurses, community-based physical, occupational and speech therapists, and other support staff dedicated to address the special care needed for those who have suffered catastrophic events or need continuous care.

  • Service Availability

    Our Catastrophic Care program is available in these locations:
    Louisiana - Metairie
    Louisiana - Houma
    Michigan - Flint
    Michigan - Livonia
    Michigan - Grand Rapids
    Texas - San Antonio/New Braunfels
    Virginia - Reston
  • Additional Resources

    The ALS Association
    Brain Injury Association of America
    Brain Injury Association of Michigan
    National Multiple Sclerosis Society
    National Spinal Cord Injury Association
  • Video - Introducing The Medical Team's Catastrophic Care

Behavioral Health

The Journey Behavioral Home Health program, for patients, families and caregivers, provides specific services and support tailored to the needs of individuals with mental illness, post-traumatic stress disorder, behavioral issues, and dementia, including Alzheimer's Disease and Parkinson's. Journey is an evidence-based, in-home behavioral health program, which meets all Medicare standards.

  • Program Components

    • Comprehensive assessment and individualized care planning
    • Acute intervention
    • Crisis stabilization
    • Medication management
    • Interdisciplinary care management
    • Community linkages
    • Family interventions
    • Preventive services
    • Long-term management
    • Patient and family education, including educational “Care Kits” for patient and family
    • Supportive services, including telephone support
    • Behavioral management
    • Blood draws for serum levels or specified psychiatric medications
    • Administration of decanoate medications
  • Program Eligibility

    According to Medicare’s rules and regulations, to be eligible for the Journey Behavioral Home Health program a patient must meet all of the following criteria.

    Patient must have a psychiatric diagnosis, generally Axis I type Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Anxiety, Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease and Parkinson’s Dementia.

    Patient must be physically or psychiatrically homebound. Individuals who may be considered homebound include those manifesting “a taxing effort” to leave their home, confused, agoraphobic, experiencing severe thought disorders, hearing command hallucinations, vulnerable in the community, or experiencing neuro-vegetative signs of depression.

    Patient must require the skills of a psychiatric nurse.

    Patient must be under the care of a physician.

  • Program Staff

    Behavioral Health Coordinators, experienced psychiatric RN's, manage our Journey program. The program team includes experienced behavioral health registered nurses who meet Medicare’s credentialing criteria, medical social workers with mental health experience, and home health aides trained to deal with the special needs of "Journey" patients and their families.

  • Service Availability

    Louisiana - Metairie
    Louisiana - Houma
    Michigan - Flint
    Michigan - Livonia
    Michigan - Grand Rapids
    Texas - Austin
    Texas - Brownsville/Mercedes
    Texas - Dallas
    Texas - San Antonio/New Braunfels
    Virginia - Reston
  • Video - Introduction to Journey

    This informational video presents an overview of the Journey program. To learn how treatment can assist individuals with three common behavioral health diagnoses; depression, dementia and schizophrenia, please visit Videos.

  • Video - A Journey in Eldercare

  • Additional Resources

    National Alliance on Mental Illness
    National Institute of Mental Health
    WebMD - Depression Center

Veteran Outreach

We are proud to serve our nation’s veterans, and returning servicemen and women, many of whom have suffered catastrophic injuries during their service to our country. THE MEDICAL TEAM’s Veteran Outreach Program draws upon our many home health services to help veterans meet diverse, ongoing health challenges.

The program is led by Brigadier General Carol Ann Fausone (Air Force, ret) BSN, RN, MSA, MSN, Veteran Advocate. She brings significant health care experience serving our servicemen and women, and is keenly aware of the complexity of their health care needs.

    Hospice Care

    During this most difficult but meaningful part of life’s journey, THE MEDICAL TEAM hospice is at hand, providing experienced, skilled hospice services, with compassion and respect, at home. We honor the life of our patients, while offering families much-needed assistance and support. Hospice is a way to continue life’s journey with the best quality of life and the best care possible.

    Personal care, tailored to the patient’s and family’s ever-changing needs with a focus on managing pain, controlling symptoms and supporting emotional and spiritual needs. Our focus is on supporting quality of life, with grace and assurance.

    Hospice appropriate patients generally have an advanced illness, or specified and limited life expectancy. Care begins within two hours of a physician’s referral, working in close collaboration with the patient’s physician, hospice physician, family and patient. We are available 24/7 to respond to needs and concerns.

    Dedicated, trained caregivers. Our multi-disciplinary team of hospice professionals supports patients and families. Our nurse case manager oversees the development of an individualized plan of care which focuses on physical care, personal care and comfort, spiritual needs, psychosocial needs and bereavement care. The case manager coordinates the efforts of the patient’s physician and hospice physician, our Hospice nurses, social workers, aides and chaplain. We also offer trained volunteers who are committed to providing companionship and interaction.

    Support for the family’s journey. Our team’s responsiveness allows family members to devote their full attention to their loved one, free of additional stress. Respite Care at a nursing facility is available should family caregivers need a rest. Bereavement Counselors can support grieving family members at any time during the journey and for a year following the loss.

    THE MEDICAL TEAM Hospice Care is 100% covered under Medicare and Medicaid, as well as by many private insurance plans.

  • Service Availability

    Michigan - Flint
    Michigan - Livonia
    Michigan - Grand Rapids
    Virginia - Reston

Dementia & Alzheimer’s

This program provides caregivers of persons with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias with training on how to understand and cope with the many difficulties they face, such as resistance to bathing and dressing, wandering, and agitation. Emphasis is placed on ensuring high quality of life standards for the patient.

Cardiac Care

This comprehensive in-home care and teaching program is for patients needing help managing acute and chronic conditions such as coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, myocardial infarction and angina, and for those needing help managing risk factors for heart conditions and strokes. The program's educational approach progressively increases the patient’s understanding of heart disease and blood vessel conditions. Patients also learn about the medications, diet and lifestyle modifications that help to control their heart disease and blood vessel conditions.

Wound Care Management

Patients with non-healing wounds or ulcers, surgical wounds or incisions from traumatic injuries, or new ostomies will be helped in the care and management of these wounds. Additionally, incontinence care and management techniques are offered. Services are provided in accordance with the standards of care established by the Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nurses Society.

Diabetes Self-Management and Education

Developed by staff Certified Diabetes Educators, this program is based on the latest standards of the American Diabetes Association. Teaching incorporates proven educational protocols, tailored to individual needs, and emphasizes the development of self-care management skills. THE MEDICAL TEAM has extensive experience implementing this program for our patients' benefit.

Joint Replacement Care

Following knee or hip replacement surgery, patients in this program will be helped to live more fully and be even more active than they were prior to surgery. Patients will be helped to regain as much flexion and extension of the operated joint as possible, achieve maximum functional independence, and ensure proper wound healing. Therapy protocols are based on established national standards.

  • Program Components

    • Pre-operative in-home consultation (if requested by the physician)
    • Health status and home environment assessment
    • Development of an individualized care plan
    • Skilled care, including physical therapy, occupational therapy as appropriate and nursing care as needed, provided in accordance with the orthopedist’s plan of treatment
    • Patient and family caregiver education, with emphasis on the recuperative process, pain and comfort management, the home environment and therapeutic exercises
    • Comprehensive patient manual with easy-to-read and useful information on all aspects of home recovery (illustrations of commonly prescribed exercises are included)
    • Coordination and communication with the patient’s physician and other health care providers
    • Outcomes tracking of functional and objective results
  • Program Staff

    The patient’s team will include a physical therapist, a registered nurse, and if necessary an occupational therapist and/or medical social worker. Home health aides are also available for assistance with personal care and the activities of daily living. As appropriate, physician specialists, medical social workers and registered dietitians are consulted.

  • Service Availability

    Louisiana - Houma
    Louisiana - Metairie
    Michigan - Flint
    Michigan - Livonia
    Michigan - Grand Rapids
    Texas - Austin
    Texas - Brownsville/Mercedes
    Texas - Dallas
    Texas - San Antonio/New Braunfels
    Virginia - Reston
  • Additional Resources

    American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons

Senior Communities

THE MEDICAL TEAM enables senior communities to most effectively meet the needs of their residents. We can provide health care management services or work in partnership with management to provide a full range of personal care and supportive services for residents.

  • Our Services

    Services for Residential Communities

    We work with senior living communities to meet a range of important objectives aimed at meeting resident needs and improving occupancy. THE MEDICAL TEAM provides an important safety net to reassure residents and their families of the resident’s well-being and security.

    Through consultations with residents and families, we can coordinate resident’s access to and suitability for a full range of healthcare and supportive services. We can provide any or all of the following:

    Private Duty & Personal Care Services provided by our highly qualified aides. Private Duty and respite care are offered hourly and can include skilled nursing care for needs such as diabetes management. Assistance with personal care is often a critical need of seniors who wish to continue living independently. Services are tailored to the needs of each community.

    Home Health Care Services (Medicare Certified) provided under resident’s Medicare benefits. There is no charge to the resident for any Medicare services or for care coordination by our nursing staff. Our nurses can assist with functional assessments to ascertain the resident’s ability to return home following hospitalization and to help determine a potential resident’s suitability.

    Health Screenings and Wellness Programs: Residents will enjoy our upbeat wellness programs offered by our healthcare professionals. Residents can “Converse with a Nurse” and discuss their healthcare needs at regularly scheduled health screenings such as blood pressure and blood glucose screenings. Additionally, flu shot programs, medication reviews and safety screenings are offered.

    Skilled Nursing and High Tech Services, such as infusion therapy, are offered. These are available as part of our (Medicare Certified) Home Health Care Services.

    Specialty Clinical Care Programs are offered for patients with specific diagnoses, conditions or rehabilitation needs. For example, our Behavioral Health program helps residents coping with depression and severe mental illness, including dementia; our Wound Care Management program helps patients with non-healing wounds or ulcers to care for and manage their wounds; and our Diabetes Self-Management and Education program teaches patients how to manage their diabetes and live a more healthy life with the disease.

    Physician Services: We work with physicians to facilitate care to residents, including in-home physician visits, onsite consultations and a medical advisory role. If the community does not have an existing relationship with a physician group, we can introduce an appropriate group.

    Rehabilitation Therapies: We coordinate with local therapy groups to provide physical therapy and cccupational therapy services in senior residences.

  • Program Staff

    All staff are subject to stringent pre-employment screenings, including a criminal history check and employment reference verification. They receive a thorough orientation prior to being assigned and complete regular inservice education on a range of topics. Programs include infection control, body mechanics, patients’ rights and responsibilities, incident reporting, communications, and emergency preparedness.

    Health Care Management Services

    THE MEDICAL TEAM partners with management companies to provide health care management services in senior communities. We provide all of the direct health care workers (aides and nurses) for residents as well as coordinate their care with the visiting physicians, onsite therapy clinic, and hospice providers. If desired, we can also offer housekeeping, dietary, security, and general administration.

    This partnership allows the community’s management company to keep their focus on running the facility, while we focus on providing residents with a full range of health care and supportive services. We have proven success in increasing occupancy rates and resident satisfaction and we offer institutional knowledge, administrative capabilities and financial stability gained from 35 years of experience.

  • Service Availability

    Louisiana - Metairie
    Louisiana - Houma
    Michigan - Flint
    Michigan - Livonia
    Michigan - Grand Rapids
    Texas - Austin
    Texas - Brownsville/Mercedes
    Texas - Dallas
    Texas - San Antonio/New Braunfels
    Virginia - Reston

Wellness Programs

These programs are offered at no charge on behalf of Area Agencies on Aging, senior communities, and organizations serving special needs groups. Participants can “Converse with a Nurse” and discuss their healthcare needs at regularly scheduled blood pressure and blood glucose screenings. Also offered are upbeat wellness programs on topics of interest to residents, such as preventing infections, controlling diabetes, aging and memory loss. In addition, we offer flu shot programs, medication reviews, and safety screenings.

Community Programs

THE MEDICAL TEAM contracts with state and local assistance programs in each of our service areas to provide home and community support programs for low-income elderly and disabled clients. Our affiliated company Med Team, Inc. serves Dallas, San Antonio, New Braunfels, Brownsville, Mercedes and Hebbronville, Texas.

  • Current Programs

      Louisiana: THE MEDICAL TEAM contracts with Area Agencies on Aging in several parishes in southeastern Louisiana to provide personal care, respite care, homemaker and wellness services to eligible low-income elderly clients. Since 2000, the company has been contracted as the home care provider for Ryan White Title II CARE Act Services for Orleans Parish. Under this contract, we provide skilled nursing and therapy services as well as personal caretaker services to patients with HIV/AIDS who meet financial eligibility guidelines.

      Michigan: The company contracts with Area Agencies of Aging in metropolitan Detroit and Flint to provide personal care and homemaker services to eligible low-income elderly clients.

      Texas: Our affiliated company Med Team, Inc. serves Dallas, San Antonio, New Braunfels, Brownsville, Mercedes and Hebbronville. Med Team, Inc. provides services through state funded community care programs: STAR+Plus, Primary Home Care (PHC), Family Care (FC), and Community Assistance Services (CAS).

      Virginia: THE MEDICAL TEAM provides personal care and homemaker services to eligible low-income clients through county-funded programs in the City of Alexandria and Fairfax and Loudoun Counties in Northern Virginia. We utilize innovative "cluster care" delivery models – providing services to multiple residents within facilities and communities.

  • Service Availability

    Louisiana - Houma
    Louisiana - Metairie
    Michigan - Flint
    Michigan - Livonia
    Michigan - Grand Rapids
    Texas - Austin
    Texas - Brownsville/Mercedes
    Texas - Dallas
    Texas - Hebbronville
    Virginia - Reston